Visitors to the exhibition consists of a mix composition.

  1. Visitor seeking to make purchases.
  2. Visitor identifying suppliers
  3. Visitor seeking technology information
  4. Visitor identifying products/ services for future purchases
  5. Visitor seeking educational/ innovation/ technological updates from university/ technical collage/ display stalls.
  6. Ladies who wish to participated “Ladies circle” events (They bring along family members)
  7. Visitors who make on-the-spot purchases form display items.
  8. Visitor who seek foreign agency tie-ups & seeking foreign suppliers.
  9. Students seeking educational information. (These student go on to the become future customers after their graduation or completion of their education.)

Foreign Participants

Inco has attracted many foreign participants from countries such as India, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.

Technological and Innovation


Students of NDT, HNDE, NDES, NERD, NITA, ITI, Atomic Energy Authority and Author C. Clark Center provide stalls with the latest technology, advanced display concepts.



  1. It should be a simple design (not complex)
  2. It should be useful to the society
  3. It should not be fully electronic but may be partly electronic
  4. It should be sturdy and foolproof
  5. Except the items such as Bearings, Motors, Electronic Components required, all other items should be inventions of the Innovator
  6. Dangerous Items & Explosives should not be used
  7. Models or Copies of the existing items will not be accepted as new inventions.
  8. All information obtained from sources such as Internet should be mentioned and the invention should be an improved version of the fundamental design
  9. It should be commercially viable
  10. Prototype working models or workable models will be considered
  1. Originality of the invention
  2. Accuracy
  3. Optimum utilization of material/equipment & craftsmanship
  4. Use of environment friendly material
  5. Methods used for making it energy efficient
  6. Finish of the final product and it’s functionality
  1. Deadline for new inventions : until 15th June, 2016
  2. Details of the invention should be given to the supervisor prior to commencement of the work and obtain approval to proceed
  3. Cost for inventions will not be reimbursed by INCO
  4. Decision of the Panel of Judges will be the FINAL
  5. 1st , 2nd & 3rd Winners and the Best Overall Group Design (if applicable only) will be selected after the above deadline.
  6. INCO will present Cash Awards and Certificates to the winners
  7. Certificates of Appreciation will be awarded to all other participants
  8. All winners will be permitted to display their products at INCO-2016 exhibition
  9. Winners will be given an opportunity to display their new