Publicity and Advertising

Inco utilize the following models of publicity for this exhibition.

Electronic Media

ITN has been and continues as the electronic media sponsor. ITN using its in-house studio at the exhibition venue telecast live updates of the event during the 03 days. Live discussions on popular chat shows such as “Salmal Yaya”, “Rupees and Sense”, on Inco are conducted and also on “Vasanthan FM and Vasanthan TV”.


Print Media

Daily News continues to be the print media sponsor. Features, write-ups and inco related advertisements running up to, during and after the exhibition.


Write-up’s on Inco are published in magazines such as LMD May 2016.



Handbills and leaflets are distributed all over the island utilizing area coordinators during the two months prior to the exhibition.

Electronic screens and posters

Publicity is created by means of outdoor electronic boards located at prominent places by means of strip ads and by way of island wide poster campaigns.